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Children's Services

  Building on Virginia M. Axline’s groundbreaking work on Play Therapy, I work with youngsters, from age 4 to age 11, in a highly empathic and caring way.  I also incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies with children who struggle with anger, anxiety, sadness, social skills or impulse control.  I am a specialist in working with children with ADHD.  I draw on Dr. Phillip Kendall’s methods of utilizing CBT principles and techniques to help children to not only function but to flourish.  

"Sue is a truly gifted counselor.  She has worked wonders with two, if not three, of my most challenging students! She has supported these kids to become better problem solvers with improved social skills and classroom self-management tools."  

Sarah Zykanov, Ed.D. Fourth Grade Teacher, San Pedro Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

Adolesence is often a time of great challenges and growth.  After 11 years spent working as a High School Crisis Counselor and Student Assistance Program Coordinator, I have developed a deep interest in providing therapy to ‘tweens and teens from ages 12 to 18, to help them work through these challenges.  I particularly enjoy leading groups to assist girls in developing their self-confidence.  I also have great expertise in dealing with adolescent issues such as impulsivity, anger, depression and drug and alcohol involvement.  Additionally, I am adept at helping parents to cope with the changes in family dynamics that adolescence brings.

"As my former high school counselor, Mrs. Kessner has made such a positive impact on my life. She is one of my S'Heros!"

Keyana Henderson, Jefferson High School Graduate, Daly City, CA
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